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Max Luzuriaga

Software Engineer

  1. 484-557-7052


  1. Facebook Software Engineering Intern

    Menlo Park, CA • Summer 2017

    Worked on Facebook's networking toolchain as part of the Network Systems team. Improved availability, reliability, and performance of circuit management tools, including 10x speed ups for circuit operations, streamlining workflow for all network engineers at Facebook.

  2. Google Software Engineering Intern

    New York, NY • Summer 2016

    Worked on the Material Design team developing iOS components used in over 50 of Google's public and internal apps, including Drive, Photos, and YouTube Music. Added features to the Slider component, bringing it in line with Google's Material Design specification.

  3. 50onRed Software Engineering Intern

    Philadelphia, PA • Summer 2015

    Developed internal tool to track the results of ongoing advertisement A/B tests and added new performance tracking features to dashboards for client advertisers. Worked primarily in Python, with the Flask web framework.

  4. Brown Computer Science Teaching Assistant

    Create course materials, grade student assignments, hold office hours for students to help with the material, and provide guidance to groups working on final projects. TAed for:

    • CS138: Distributed Computer Systems, Spring 2017
    • CS33: Introduction to Computer Systems, Fall 2016
    • CS132: Creating Moderm Web Apps, Spring 2016


  1. Weenix

    Spring 2017

    Implemented a unix-based operating system in C, in a semester-long project for Brown's Operating Systems class. Features include process/thread scheduling, terminal and hard disk drivers, virtual file system support, s5fs disk-based file system, and virtual memory.

  2. PuddleStore

    Spring 2016

    Designed and developed a distributed fault-tolerant file system for CS138: Distributed Systems. Based on the OceanStore project, it uses Tapestry to store data blocks and the Raft consensus algorithm to commit changes to the file system. Written in Go, in a group of three.


  1. Brown University
    Sc.B. Computer Science

    Providence, RI — May 2018 (Expected)

    Algorithms, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, AI, Natural Language Processing


iOS Development, Google Cloud, Web Development, NumPy, MySQL, Git, Bash


Python, C, Objective-C, Swift, Go, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS


  1. Hack@Brown Co-Director

    Led a team of 49 students to organize Brown's annual hackathon and host student-run workshops. Worked to improve diversity of hackathon attendees, and focus on first-time hackers.